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Trip: Germany, Italy and France


[If Tumblr needs a password, it is "scafm"]

Proposed Itinerary (by C):

Monday, May 7 @ 1:20pm depart San Diego and fly in the lap of luxury to Munich through London (note that we’ll have a 3-hour layover in London Tuesday so we’ll probably want to take showers at the BA lounge and will want to pack accordingly)


Tuesday, May 8 @ 6:00pm: arrive Munich airport. Hotel Maximilian in the center of the Altstadt (translates to old town). We have 8:30 dinner reservations at Spatenhof an der Oper (on the more rustic first floor, not in the formal dining room on the second floor), a traditional Bavarian restaurant across the street from the opera house that is supposed to have some of the best Bavarian food in Munich.… Read the rest

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Surf Session 2/14/2012

A couple day storm blew in some big, but turbulently choppy waves.  These aren't the monsters that I like to ride over by the caves (14 ft+, but rolling for quite a while), however, they were definitely overhead, violent, and very fast moving waves early, before it settled down an hour and half or so into the session.  It took me almost 10 punishing minutes to paddle out-- and it felt like I'd just sprinted a mile.

The first ride on this video, (as well as the ones at 0:25 and 0:45) was clearly overhead-- it blotted out a decent part of the horizon on me and I got some incredible speeds in a short amount of time-- when I kicked out I still had enough speed on that vector to go airborne on accident (0:19)!!… Read the rest

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Surf Session 1/22/2012– Paddle-Cam: Love It or Hate It? (And a glimpse from Inside Nature’s Washing Machine!)

Had a fun day out here in late January-- was a good mix of smaller rolling waves off the point by the Marine Room and 14 foot Monsters rolling in near the Cove.

Took this as an opportunity to try making the Paddle-Cam work again-- seems with a little editing the movement isn't such that viewing ends in motion sickness-- especially with the changing perspectives.  (Although I learned at 1:20 that hotdoggers get punished, right?!).
So you tell me, love it or hate it?

* * * *

Speaking of the Monsters, thought it was an interesting piece of footage watching a 14 foot monster unexpectedly collapse prematurely into a solid 8 foot wall of white-wash, not once, but twice to yours truly (1:25 and 2:00).… Read the rest

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Lost In a Mangrove Forest!!! (An Abacos Adventure)

LOST!: Scaf and Crystal venture into the mangrove forest of Cormorant and Snake Cays, perhaps never to return...

(Music: "Don't Get Lost in Heaven" by the Gorillaz)

An Excerpt From Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (Day 5), Captain Scaf's Log:

"We cruised south to the Tilloo Bank—a 3-5 ft deep sand bar that reaches a third of the way across the Sea of Abaco, and then we cut across to Snake Cay where there are a ton of mangrove forests to explore. We found a suitable anchorage after much searching, donned our flats exploring garb (hats, sunglasses, cameras, extra water and Tevas!), and head into the great unknown. Wrong turn after wrong turn brought us to dead-ends and flats too shallow to pass.Read the rest

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Lucia Sledding!

If you are related to Lucia, you will love every "yaaayyyy" and "aahhhhh!" as she sleds down the hill. However, if you are not, then this video is probably overly shaky, too pink (in her snowsuit), and too noisy (Lucia had the GoPro in her hands for a lot of it, sometimes just banging snow) for pure artistic enjoyment.

Otherwise, Grammy and Grampie, Mommy and Daddy, Auntie Crystal and Uncle Michael, and of course, Lucia: Enjoy!

Read the rest

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Guanabana Birthday Dinner (Video)

Scaf's Guanabanas Birthday Dinner!!!


Read the rest

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Captain Scaf’s Log: Abacos (FINAL, with MAP!)

Captain Scaf and Admiral Scripps The Scafverse Goes to The Abacos! Captain’s Log: Thursday, November 10, 2011 Packing goes slowly. Crystal is crunching work to be able to get out of here in time. Flight is in six hours. Total sleep tonight between the two of us will be less than four hours. Friday, November 11, 2011 Cruising 30,000 feet above the Gulf of Mexico as I write-- will be in Miami in an hour. Still haven't slept today (Crystal not at all!), but put our heads together and came up with a good working straw man for an itinerary. Only complicating factor is rough seas from subtropical storm Sean may be making the Whale Cut open ocean passing undesirable at the moment. Last I read people were still making the pass... May look to do this in reverse order if weather substantially different later in the week. On a lighter note: staying at the South Beach Shore Club tonight, having dinner at Nobu, and we were given table passes for Skybar. Visibility is pretty good as we coast across the everglades, and it will be time to turn off all electronics soon…
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Photography Test: Balcony

Been Playing with our Canon S90 as well as some post production software.  It may be over-stylized, but here is the first go... the original photo is on the right.

Click on either for full-size image:


Canon S90, Av Setting, Bracketed Exposures (wasn't thinking I'd be doing all this, so not a RAW image file)
Merge and Blow out details using Photomatix
Some light editing in GIMP. (still need to figure out how to get rid of the blue around the light coming in on the balcony from the right and that red flare in the front right-- that's in the original photo as well...)
Pop and DeNoise with Topaz
Software is all trial basis so far (notice the watermarks)


Really liking bringing back the texture from the stucco and the mexican tile, not to mention the blue sky...… Read the rest

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Paddling the Abacos, a Big Four-oh, and Guanabanas!


Welcome to the travelling Scafverse!  We'll be in the Abacos, Bahamas November 11-18, and in Jupiter, FL November 18-20.  If you are planning to be in the area, please "Leave a Reply" below so we'll know to look out for you-- and we'll know who to contact if we're doing anything interesting.  Our most current plans will always appear on this site (we actively use these blogs for our own travel prep!)... I'll update it with new info as it comes in.  Log-in for the details we do know (or create a log-in if you do not already have one- my apologies in advance-- you're going to have to jump through a bunch of security hurdles-- you know how it goes, protecting the privacy!… Read the rest

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San Diego Golf Trip!



Chris:  In Wednesday, out Tuesday
Susie:  In Thursday (7:33p #411 JetBl) out Sunday (10:15p #412 JetBl))
Cem:  In Saturday, out Sunday


Expect that it will be HOT in the sun (85), and cold in the shade (68) and at night (62). Assuming golf will feel 85, beach will feel 65-75. I'll have a bathing suit and tee shirt to run around in before sunset, and shorts and a sweater/sweatshirt, maybe jacket after sunset (we never wear shoes).



The Scene:  Inspired ...



GOLFING: Salt Creek Golf Club (9:45a, $61pp) (

The Players:   Scaf, Susie, Chris, Patrick
The Scene:  The Salt Creek Golf Club brings links style golf to the natural terrain of San Diego County.
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