Captain Scaf’s Log: Abacos (FINAL, with MAP!)

Captain Scaf and Admiral Scripps

Best way to use map:
Switch to Satellite View (upper right)
Zoom In (plus button upper left)
Click on Red dot in middle of page– should get a pop-up identifier box with “Stop # of 16”
Start at Stop 1 of 16 (Marsh Harbour), and then step through until Stop 16 of 16 (Marsh Harbour)

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14 Responses to Captain Scaf’s Log: Abacos (FINAL, with MAP!)

  1. Mahaila McKellar says:

    I am soooooo enjoying this :):):) !!!

  2. Mahaila McKellar says:


  3. Mahaila McKellar says:

    to YOU 🙂

    • scaf says:

      Thanks!! We’re at Tahiti Beach in Elbow Key right now– about to enjoy some Pina Coladas, Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Hotdogs, Conch Salad and Cohibas overlooking our beautiful, most favorite sandbar!!

      • msurfin says:

        Hello, again! Not sure where our msgs are going, but they are not showing up here. Have you received any messages from us? Maybe we are making new friends in the abacos. Have fun. Love….

        • scaf says:

          look like we’re getting them– we were out of range for a bit– first time commenters get moderated– need approval from the ScafMaster. Follow on comments go through (this one should have showed up right away, Dad and Shannon were first time commenters…

  4. Michael says:

    We have enjoyed the Captains Log and pictures. It was great to follow your journey! Thanks.

  5. Michael says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I was great to follow you around the Abacos.

  6. Mahaila McKellar says:

    Wow – that was quite the adventure! Sharks, gale winds, and dark & stormys. 😉 Thanks for taking us along with you. :):):)

    • scaf says:

      No problem– it really was a great adventure! We had a lot of fun– and with our logs now we’ll remember everything! At some point we’re going to code up Admiral Crystal’s log as well– it is in a handwritten log book right now…

  7. Mahaila McKellar says:

    with both your commentary and the great pictures. Looks like a honeymoon trip. 🙂

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