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Added a "Verse" page dedicated to my writing (Scaf's Verse-- see what I did there?). Check it out!… Read the rest

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We have a Shipping Address!!! (Hint: It is a Palindrome!)

We have a heavy, secure wrought iron gate across our street entrance on Scott Street.  Very safe.

Due the the genius of the architect of the remodel of our new place, however, the unit's mailboxes are behind that gate!  Apparently the mailman just has to feed mail through the tiny openings in the gate, since he can't access our box.

That won't do.  That won't do at all.

So, we have a box at the UPS store on Chestnut Street-- and its address is one you cannot forget.

2269 Chestnut Street, #622
San Francisco, CA 94123

How is it that you cannot forget it, you ask?  We picked a palindrome box!  2269 622.  Easy-peasy!

Even if you forget, just google the UPS Store on Chestnut Street, and when you see their address, you know that our box number is a palindrome derived from it.… Read the rest

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Progress Report, July 16th

It's been 3 busy months since my first update, Progress Report, April 16th and 4 months since A Novel Change in the Scafverse.

A lot of big changes have happened in those months: Crystal is Silicon Valley’s Newest Venture Capitalist! and We Found a Place to Live in San Francisco!.

I finally put together a spreadsheet to keep track of my self-study course (what I'm reading and what still needs to be read):  my self-study course for the Novel is an astounding 6,120 pages.  Studies and stats suggest that a good reading pace for this type of technical material is 6 minutes per page for comprehension.  Wow!  My reading course is 612 hours long.  To put that in perspective, an Ivy League semester long course-load is expected to be 50 hours a week for 16 weeks, or 800 hours.… Read the rest

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We Found a Place to Live in San Francisco! (UPDATED)

We'll be moving to the Marina District of San Francisco in early August!






Having seen over 30 places on walkthoughs, and another 40 more on walk-by's, we found a residence that should work for us:  Walking distance to the Presidio, to the restaurant/ shopping districts of Chestnut Street, Union Street and Fillmore Street, and to the Bay and the Marina Green; two bedrooms, two bath, open living area and modern appliances; roofdeck with grill; and a parking spot!
Come visit us where Scott and Bay Streets meet!



Craigslist Listing:

"Newly remodeled two bedroom two bath upper unit in two unit building, with a small bay view.  New kitchen, and bathrooms, hardwood floors. W/D, fridge, stove, D/W, balcony.
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