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Added a “Verse” page dedicated to my writing (Scaf’s Verse– see what I did there?). Check it out!

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We have a Shipping Address!!! (Hint: It is a Palindrome!)

We have a heavy, secure wrought iron gate across our street entrance on Scott Street.  Very safe. Due the the genius of the architect of the remodel of our new place, however, the unit’s mailboxes are behind that gate!  Apparently the … Check it out…

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Progress Report, July 16th

It’s been 3 busy months since my first update, Progress Report, April 16th and 4 months since A Novel Change in the Scafverse. A lot of big changes have happened in those months: Crystal is Silicon Valley’s Newest Venture Capitalist! and We Found a Place to … Check it out…

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We Found a Place to Live in San Francisco! (UPDATED)

We’ll be moving to the Marina District of San Francisco in early August!           Having seen over 30 places on walkthoughs, and another 40 more on walk-by’s, we found a residence that should work for us: … Check it out…

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