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Hunter’s SUP Career: Highlight Reel

Over his Winter Break, I took Hunter surfing several times.  Here are the highlights of the best day:

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Surf Session 1/22/2012– Paddle-Cam: Love It or Hate It? (And a glimpse from Inside Nature’s Washing Machine!)

Had a fun day out here in late January– was a good mix of smaller rolling waves off the point by the Marine Room and 14 foot Monsters rolling in near the Cove. Took this as an opportunity to try making the … Check it out…

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GoPro Surfing Test

We had a good west swell– one of those days surfers are catching 14ft waves out by the cove. I took it in closer to slides, much smaller in there. Thought it would be a good opportunity to test dual … Check it out…

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Site Redesign

Please pardon the random appearance while I make some improvements to the Scafverse. Consider it a repaving project. OK– project complete– please let me know if you see something that just doesn’t “look” right.

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Lost In a Mangrove Forest!!! (An Abacos Adventure)

LOST!: Scaf and Crystal venture into the mangrove forest of Cormorant and Snake Cays, perhaps never to return… (Music: “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven” by the Gorillaz) An Excerpt From Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (Day 5), Captain Scaf’s Log: “We … Check it out…

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