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Short story: Captain Oliver Lost His Drive

Thank you for reading this short story from Another Scafverse Production, an installment in A Novel Change in the Scafverse.

This is the second draft of CAPTAIN OLIVER LOST HIS DRIVE, the 8,000 word short story that narrates the tale of an incident aboard a Spacefaring Merchant Trading Clipper Ship.  To go right to the story, skip ahead to the title line past the line of asterisks.

If you would like to contribute to a future draft of CAPTAIN OLIVER, the author would love your feedback.  What parts of the story are interesting, and more importantly where does it drag— where did you find your attention drifting from the story?  As you read, what might be unclear if you didn’t know the ending, or once you know the ending?  Did any scene go by too quickly, or any that should just be cut?  What promises did the beginning make to you as a reader, and were those forces developed throughout the middle?… Read the rest

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Sunset to Dusk Surf Session 3/01/2012

Was planning to go out for a nice leisurely sunset paddle and listen to my WaterFi (my waterproof iPod), when I noticed that we had some real, peaking waves! I quickly donned my wetsuit and grabbed the GoPro gear.

The waves were big, but not huge–the striking feature was that they were moving quite fast, and getting quite a vertical face pretty far out. The net result was that I was picking up serious speed very, very quickly and having to get out before it closed out on me (look for a couple of "whew!"'s on my face after the rides).  Makes for a quick, short ride-- you can always tell its quick when I catch a tiny bit of air kicking out).… Read the rest

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A Change in Paradigm? Coding is Literacy, Hack the Planet!! (Scaf’s Musings on Technology, The “New” Gaming, and Web Content…)

Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of some changing trend in technology that I think would be truly important to someone who understood the underlying dynamics of the business.  On rare occasion, that person is me.  However, my record in this respect is worse than mixed-- its decidedly poor.

Check the evidence:  1)  I strongly advised a buddy who was at Goldman Sachs not to join some internet goods exchange start-up (who is going to buy anything online?  We all love to walk the aisles of a store, right??) and instead attend either Stanford Bus or HBS (he got into both).  He decided against me and became one of the first employees and very successful at Ebay, then going on to become an executive at Skype, and then Paypal (sad EDIT 3/26/12; just heard that Eric was hit by a train and died on 3/9/12: articles here and here).… Read the rest

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Surf Session 1/22/2012– Paddle-Cam: Love It or Hate It? (And a glimpse from Inside Nature’s Washing Machine!)

Had a fun day out here in late January-- was a good mix of smaller rolling waves off the point by the Marine Room and 14 foot Monsters rolling in near the Cove.

Took this as an opportunity to try making the Paddle-Cam work again-- seems with a little editing the movement isn't such that viewing ends in motion sickness-- especially with the changing perspectives.  (Although I learned at 1:20 that hotdoggers get punished, right?!).
So you tell me, love it or hate it?

* * * *

Speaking of the Monsters, thought it was an interesting piece of footage watching a 14 foot monster unexpectedly collapse prematurely into a solid 8 foot wall of white-wash, not once, but twice to yours truly (1:25 and 2:00).… Read the rest

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Lost In a Mangrove Forest!!! (An Abacos Adventure)

LOST!: Scaf and Crystal venture into the mangrove forest of Cormorant and Snake Cays, perhaps never to return...

(Music: "Don't Get Lost in Heaven" by the Gorillaz)

An Excerpt From Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (Day 5), Captain Scaf's Log:

"We cruised south to the Tilloo Bank—a 3-5 ft deep sand bar that reaches a third of the way across the Sea of Abaco, and then we cut across to Snake Cay where there are a ton of mangrove forests to explore. We found a suitable anchorage after much searching, donned our flats exploring garb (hats, sunglasses, cameras, extra water and Tevas!), and head into the great unknown. Wrong turn after wrong turn brought us to dead-ends and flats too shallow to pass.Read the rest

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Guanabana Birthday Dinner (Video)

Scaf's Guanabanas Birthday Dinner!!!


Read the rest

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Captain Scaf’s Log: Abacos (FINAL, with MAP!)

Captain Scaf and Admiral Scripps The Scafverse Goes to The Abacos! Captain’s Log: Thursday, November 10, 2011 Packing goes slowly. Crystal is crunching work to be able to get out of here in time. Flight is in six hours. Total sleep tonight between the two of us will be less than four hours. Friday, November 11, 2011 Cruising 30,000 feet above the Gulf of Mexico as I write-- will be in Miami in an hour. Still haven't slept today (Crystal not at all!), but put our heads together and came up with a good working straw man for an itinerary. Only complicating factor is rough seas from subtropical storm Sean may be making the Whale Cut open ocean passing undesirable at the moment. Last I read people were still making the pass... May look to do this in reverse order if weather substantially different later in the week. On a lighter note: staying at the South Beach Shore Club tonight, having dinner at Nobu, and we were given table passes for Skybar. Visibility is pretty good as we coast across the everglades, and it will be time to turn off all electronics soon…
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Of Note: 40 Under 40 Awards: Crystal Joins The Class of 2011 (With Pictures and Video!!!)


40 Under 40 Awards: The Class of 2011

Honoring high achievers in business and civic affairs

Meet an amazing group of men and women — the 40 Under 40 Class of 2011. They were culled from a field of more than 90 nominations, each one a leader in his or her chosen field.

Selection of these young business and civic leaders who are helping shape the region’s future couldn’t have been done without the dedicated work of SD Metro’s panel of judges. The are: Richard Cloward, a retired Navy captain, owner of Pacific Shore Maps and executive director of Map & Atlas Museum in La Jolla; Gail Stoorza-Gill, member of the board of directors of Voice of San Diego and Security Business Bank, owner of The Right Question LLC and founder of Stoorza Ziegaus and Metzger; Robert Gleason, chief financial officer and general counsel for Evans Hotels and  chairman of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority; Adrian Kwiatkowski, vice president of Bartell & Associates; Jack Monger, owner of Monger & Company, a strategic advocacy firm; Cynthia Morgan, partner, Higgs Fletcher & Mack and member of the board of directors of Centre City Development Corp; Mitch Mitchell, senior vice president of  Sempra Energy; Ileana Ovalle, senior manager, external affairs, for Cox Communications; and Louise Toro, historic preservationist and owner of Historic San Diego Marketing & Consulting.… Read the rest

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Of Note: The Quaz Q&A: Crystal McKellar

The Quaz Q&A: Crystal McKellar

August 10th, 2011 by Jeff Pearlman

* Welcome to the 21st installment of The Quaz Q&A. This feature—a question-and-answer session with a person from sports/entertainment/politics/whatever—will appear every Thursday on If you have any suggestions/ideas for people to speak with, hit me up at I’m listening.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly—and especially anyone who has paid attention to the first 20 Quazes—knows I’m all about The Wonder Years. I loved the show as a teen, and now my kids watch it regularly, too. Hence, while I may well reject, say, some wanna-be rocker or the seventh lead on Saved By The Bell, I will never, ever, ever ignore the greatest program in TV history (Need proof?

Read the rest
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