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Sunset to Dusk Surf Session 3/01/2012

Was planning to go out for a nice leisurely sunset paddle and listen to my WaterFi (my waterproof iPod), when I noticed that we had some real, peaking waves! I quickly donned my wetsuit and grabbed the GoPro gear.

The waves were big, but not huge–the striking feature was that they were moving quite fast, and getting quite a vertical face pretty far out. The net result was that I was picking up serious speed very, very quickly and having to get out before it closed out on me (look for a couple of "whew!"'s on my face after the rides).  Makes for a quick, short ride-- you can always tell its quick when I catch a tiny bit of air kicking out).… Read the rest

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Surf Session 2/14/2012

A couple day storm blew in some big, but turbulently choppy waves.  These aren't the monsters that I like to ride over by the caves (14 ft+, but rolling for quite a while), however, they were definitely overhead, violent, and very fast moving waves early, before it settled down an hour and half or so into the session.  It took me almost 10 punishing minutes to paddle out-- and it felt like I'd just sprinted a mile.

The first ride on this video, (as well as the ones at 0:25 and 0:45) was clearly overhead-- it blotted out a decent part of the horizon on me and I got some incredible speeds in a short amount of time-- when I kicked out I still had enough speed on that vector to go airborne on accident (0:19)!!… Read the rest

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Hunter’s SUP Career: Highlight Reel

Over his Winter Break, I took Hunter surfing several times.  Here are the highlights of the best day:

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Surf Session 1/22/2012– Paddle-Cam: Love It or Hate It? (And a glimpse from Inside Nature’s Washing Machine!)

Had a fun day out here in late January-- was a good mix of smaller rolling waves off the point by the Marine Room and 14 foot Monsters rolling in near the Cove.

Took this as an opportunity to try making the Paddle-Cam work again-- seems with a little editing the movement isn't such that viewing ends in motion sickness-- especially with the changing perspectives.  (Although I learned at 1:20 that hotdoggers get punished, right?!).
So you tell me, love it or hate it?

* * * *

Speaking of the Monsters, thought it was an interesting piece of footage watching a 14 foot monster unexpectedly collapse prematurely into a solid 8 foot wall of white-wash, not once, but twice to yours truly (1:25 and 2:00).… Read the rest

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GoPro Surfing Test

We had a good west swell-- one of those days surfers are catching 14ft waves out by the cove. I took it in closer to slides, much smaller in there. Thought it would be a good opportunity to test dual GoPros. Learned a few things-- board camera was too high, needs to be aimed lower to get the board and wave in as well, and there is surprisingly little good footage out of the paddle cam if one is active with the paddle, as I am. Will try it again, perhaps with that camera aimed lower. Also, the post production work is laborious-- need to figure out a better way to scan the footage and get cuts...

In any case, got a few good rides-- and also got tumbled a couple of times!… Read the rest

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