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Living & Doing

We end up doing a lot of things throughout the years– its just the way we live. Explore “Living and Doing” to read posts about what we’ve been up to.

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Whether we are visiting with friends and family, hanging out on the balcony, splashing around in the ocean, or off on an adventure, we often document with photos and videos. “Seen” is what we see and where we’ve been seen.

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When leading busy lifestyles it is easy to lose track of time. When? reminds us (at the very least) of Friends and Family Birthdays and Anniversaries. Contact me to have one added.

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Odds and Ends

Not all of life gets categorized neatly. In “Odds and Ends” you will find Lucia’s Page, SUP Surfing, and our Bookshelf.

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What’s New?

Yep, click “What’s New” to see the most recent items in the Scafverse, or just check the footer below.

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The “Fam”

While enjoying life in the Scafverse, it is important to stay in touch with friends and family. “The ‘Fam'” is the links to the Photo Pages, Blogs, and Tweets of the Scafverse Family.

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Scaf has something to say, or um, write. In “Verse” you will find a “Novel” change told in Scaf’s Verse.*

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*(image by heatherfish24)

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