The “Fam”

Family Albums, Blogs, and Tweets!

(Please let me know if anyone else is putting stuff out there…)

David & Shannon Gallery!

David and Shannon are the only two that the Scafverse is aware of that is more prolific about posting pictures of themselves. But just look at them, you can see why… Here is their .mac photo gallery.

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Brody’s Posterous!

In a stroke of genius David and Shannon have blogged about what it is like Being Brody. And thankfully, now the rest of us don’t miss a step. See RSS feed below. (Password: “Brody928”, but shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

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Corey (GtwnJack), Danica (DanicaMcKellar), Mike (MikeVerta) all tweet. Read tweets here.

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Pat’s Picasa!

Default Pat’s Picasa.

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Wendy’s Picasa!

Default Wendy’s Picasa.

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Danica’s Blog!

Danica Blogs on Mommyhood, Health & Fitness, Showbiz, and Math & more. Also check out Danica’s Official Homepage.

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Tom’s Smugmug!

Tom’s Smugmug Homepage.

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