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Progress Report, April 16th

It's been a little over a month (43 days) since I posted A Novel Change in the Scafverse.  Here is my first progress report.


Update: Iterate plot almost daily (incorporating new ideas and techniques from self-study program).  Have written 8 major story arcs, 6 character studies, and "storyboarded" 22 major scenes through to the climax.  Still not sure how to untangle the worldly mess that gets created-- when you upset the balance of power, how do you diffuse WWIII?

Notes on Writing: I was surprised at how the story has evolved from a simple, almost whimsical tale of Leprechauns, to an Alien chasing down a Primordial Black Hole that ultimate gets trapped in Earth to use as an "unlimited" source of energy to power a Spaceship, to that of a story that is much more important than that-- one that explores the ethics of survival and the obligations of intelligent life to the whole of intelligent life: what is man's obligation to mankind?… Read the rest

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