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Guanabana Birthday Dinner (Video)

Scaf's Guanabanas Birthday Dinner!!!


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Captain Scaf’s Log: Abacos (FINAL, with MAP!)

Captain Scaf and Admiral Scripps The Scafverse Goes to The Abacos! Captain’s Log: Thursday, November 10, 2011 Packing goes slowly. Crystal is crunching work to be able to get out of here in time. Flight is in six hours. Total sleep tonight between the two of us will be less than four hours. Friday, November 11, 2011 Cruising 30,000 feet above the Gulf of Mexico as I write-- will be in Miami in an hour. Still haven't slept today (Crystal not at all!), but put our heads together and came up with a good working straw man for an itinerary. Only complicating factor is rough seas from subtropical storm Sean may be making the Whale Cut open ocean passing undesirable at the moment. Last I read people were still making the pass... May look to do this in reverse order if weather substantially different later in the week. On a lighter note: staying at the South Beach Shore Club tonight, having dinner at Nobu, and we were given table passes for Skybar. Visibility is pretty good as we coast across the everglades, and it will be time to turn off all electronics soon…
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HDR Workflow

Detail this for going forward

EV Bracket

Convert Raw to TIF in Digital Photo Professional-- Export to photomatix
Upload and convert to tonemapped file
Export back to photomatix folder and use DPP to convert to 8 bit
Upload 8 bit into PS Elements
Create layers and enhance
export PNG to Aperture and TIF to PSE
Store final in Aperture… Read the rest

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Photography Study– Another Test

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Photography Test: Balcony

Been Playing with our Canon S90 as well as some post production software.  It may be over-stylized, but here is the first go... the original photo is on the right.

Click on either for full-size image:


Canon S90, Av Setting, Bracketed Exposures (wasn't thinking I'd be doing all this, so not a RAW image file)
Merge and Blow out details using Photomatix
Some light editing in GIMP. (still need to figure out how to get rid of the blue around the light coming in on the balcony from the right and that red flare in the front right-- that's in the original photo as well...)
Pop and DeNoise with Topaz
Software is all trial basis so far (notice the watermarks)


Really liking bringing back the texture from the stucco and the mexican tile, not to mention the blue sky...… Read the rest

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