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Added a "Seen" Page to host all the photo and video images of the Scafverse.  Powered by SmugMug and loving it... Check it out!… Read the rest

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Photography Study– Another Test

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Photography Test: Balcony

Been Playing with our Canon S90 as well as some post production software.  It may be over-stylized, but here is the first go... the original photo is on the right.

Click on either for full-size image:


Canon S90, Av Setting, Bracketed Exposures (wasn't thinking I'd be doing all this, so not a RAW image file)
Merge and Blow out details using Photomatix
Some light editing in GIMP. (still need to figure out how to get rid of the blue around the light coming in on the balcony from the right and that red flare in the front right-- that's in the original photo as well...)
Pop and DeNoise with Topaz
Software is all trial basis so far (notice the watermarks)


Really liking bringing back the texture from the stucco and the mexican tile, not to mention the blue sky...… Read the rest

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Music: Mike Verta’s “The Race” Scoring Session


From Mike Verta:

"It's official: On July 18th I will be recording (and videotaping) my symphonic piece "The Race" with a 90-piece group of all-star orchestral musicians on the legendary Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios, Los Angeles. 6 1/2 minutes, 34 pages, 237 bars, 14,934 notes; but it's ready to go."

Here is a little taste of that absolutely incredible Scoring Session:

(This was during the initial warm-up, they were adjusting the sound in the control booth itself-- that is not your computer cutting out on you!!)

Here is the full length synthetic mock-up of "The Race" from Mike's website (​/The_Race_MIXED.mp3

Enjoy the pictures I took between sessions.

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Video: Is there anything better? Or do we kill it– kill it with fire?



More by Cyriak HERE!!

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Scaf’s Recent Reading List

BOOKSHELF... (and more below the jackets)

Mike's currently-reading book montage

Pursuit of Honor
Dracula the Un-Dead

Mike's favorite books »


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