Music: Mike Verta’s “The Race” Scoring Session


From Mike Verta:

“It’s official: On July 18th I will be recording (and videotaping) my symphonic piece “The Race” with a 90-piece group of all-star orchestral musicians on the legendary Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios, Los Angeles. 6 1/2 minutes, 34 pages, 237 bars, 14,934 notes; but it’s ready to go.”

Here is a little taste of that absolutely incredible Scoring Session:

(This was during the initial warm-up, they were adjusting the sound in the control booth itself– that is not your computer cutting out on you!!)

Here is the full length synthetic mock-up of “The Race” from Mike’s website (‚Äč/The_Race_MIXED.mp3

Enjoy the pictures I took between sessions.

[slideshow w=640 h=480 id=9]

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