Lost In a Mangrove Forest!!! (An Abacos Adventure)

LOST!: Scaf and Crystal venture into the mangrove forest of Cormorant and Snake Cays, perhaps never to return…

(Music: “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven” by the Gorillaz)

An Excerpt From Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (Day 5), Captain Scaf’s Log:

“We cruised south to the Tilloo Bank—a 3-5 ft deep sand bar that reaches a third of the way across the Sea of Abaco, and then we cut across to Snake Cay where there are a ton of mangrove forests to explore. We found a suitable anchorage after much searching, donned our flats exploring garb (hats, sunglasses, cameras, extra water and Tevas!), and head into the great unknown. Wrong turn after wrong turn brought us to dead-ends and flats too shallow to pass. We got to the point of go or no go (turn back, if we even thought we could find our way back through the mangroves) when we saw a road elevated by about 15 ft cut through the swamp. We dragged our boards up the steep bank (68 pounds each!!), and began a long, hot, tiring portage of both paddleboards back to somewhere we could actually launch in a better spot. Crystal noticed that we were surrounded by Poison Wood—the Abacos version of poison ivy that is 3 times more vicious—so we ended up porting the boards about a mile back to the sea—whew! Safely back aboard, we had lunch, and went in search of overnight anchorage—finally settling on the anchorage at Tavern Cay…”

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