Paddling the Abacos, a Big Four-oh, and Guanabanas!


Welcome to the travelling Scafverse!  We'll be in the Abacos, Bahamas November 11-18, and in Jupiter, FL November 18-20.  If you are planning to be in the area, please "Leave a Reply" below so we'll know to look out for you-- and we'll know who to contact if we're doing anything interesting.  Our most current plans will always appear on this site (we actively use these blogs for our own travel prep!)... I'll update it with new info as it comes in.  Log-in for the details we do know (or create a log-in if you do not already have one- my apologies in advance-- you're going to have to jump through a bunch of security hurdles-- you know how it goes, protecting the privacy!  Once you go through it once, though, you'll be done and can see all the protected content on the Scafverse!), or feel free to just contact me.

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9 Responses to Paddling the Abacos, a Big Four-oh, and Guanabanas!

  1. Brad Sullivan says:

    We are planning on meeting you in Jupiter.

  2. msurfin says:

    Pat and Mike will be there! I was there in ’71, –I’ll be there in ’11!

  3. scaf says:

    As of now, looks like the planned events are as follows: Saturday– have a big family dinner with everyone at Guanabanas on Saturday night– sunset looks to be 5:30-ish, so maybe 6p (sunset cocktails at the Jupiter Beach Resort and then head over)? That way anyone who wants to (infants and elderly) can clear out before “The People Upstairs” takes the stage…

    On Friday, we’ll probably do the same thing (just low key): I think Jonathan, Crystal, Pat and Mike are the only ones I know will be in town by dinner-time Friday. Guanabanas will be rocking with surfers Friday night, so we’ll do that on the early side as well….

    If you are not on the list in the “Hanging Out In Jupiter” section above and are planning to come to either night, please let Jonathan know that you’ll be coming– we will be on our boat and no guarantee we can find internet… but will be trying to log in where we can while at anchor…

  4. Shannon Sarkarati says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys! We will be there Friday for dinner. Brody has his party outfits packed! He loves any excuse to be in his birthday suit.

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