Hike: Presidio to Marina to Golden Gate Bridge to Cliff House (with pictures!)

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It was very blustery and absolutely gorgeous!  We hiked into the Presidio from Lombard Street and due to construction, needed to hike back out over to the Marina area where we crossed Crissy Fields up to the Golden Gate bridge, and then all the way down the ocean side of the Presidio, walked through the Sea Cliff neighborhood, and then hiked through the Lands End hiking trails through enchanted forests by the sea to a great clifftop restaurant called the Cliff House that luckily does not mind the occasional windblown traveler.  …though Mike said his hair has never looked better, and I agree that he looked like a Timberland model.

Over 8 miles on our own two feet!
[pdf http://www.presidio.gov/NR/rdonlyres/A26635BC-AE79-4EDA-846B-BF5700B926A5/0/PresidioTrailsMap_SEPT2010.pdf 700 540]

Starting at the Lombard Gate, we did the PRESIDIO PROMENADE (2.1m) hike to just below the Cemetery (huge construction halted our forward progress!), backtracked to the Marina Gate and got on the GOLDEN GATE PROMENADE / BAY TRAIL (4.3m) crossing Crissy Fields (with a quick cocoa stop at the Warming Hut!) up to Battery Lancaster (near Toll Plaza) and hiked back the CALIFORNIA COASTAL TRAIL (2.7m) connecting to the LAND’S END TRAIL (1.7m) down to the CLIFF HOUSE for a hot meal!




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