Trip: Point Reyes/ Marin County (on the “to do” list)

From Tom Daly:

Marin County is where we lived and has some of the best hiking trails around.  The same is true for Pt. Reyes.  If you go to Pt. Reyes, go the Lighthouse then bring a picnic for the beaches.  It is a very special place.  Marin is our favorite place for hiking/running.  The 'Dipsea' is a VERY SPECIAL trial with fantastic views and Redwoods.  You can start in Mill Valley, ask for directions, and work your way to Stinson Beach.  The Dipsea is 7.1 miles.  You don't need to go all the way.  But if you do, you will need to take a Golden Gate Bus back from Stinson Beach to Mil Valley!!  Get a trail map for Marin County because there are so many great trails.  Another great hiking trail, and easier,   is to take the first Mill Valley exit off  101 North and go about 1 mile and take the Tennessee Valley Exit and go to the parking lot, then walk out to the beach.  Very, Very nice!!!  Great place for breakfast/lunch is the Dipsea Cafe.  It is located a little farther  up the road, just over the bridge on the right, from where you turned to go to Tennessee Valley exit.  Also, go up to the top of Mt Tam, great views of the Bay.  Also, coming back to the City right before you get on the bridge, take the last exit, Marin Headlands, and go up to the top.  Great views of the City.  If you go to the top, there is road that circles to the left and drops down to Fort Cronkite.  Again, on the water with a beach.  The Marin Manual Center is also located there.
Marin is great to explore,  enjoy
Tom & Jean
P.S.  If you walk out to the bridge again, when you get to Fort Point, there is a small plaque on the right corner as if you going toward the backside.  Tap the plaque for Good Luck!!  Also, check out the Buckeye in Mill Valley, great food and also Perry's on Union Street.  The best burgers and Chop Salad.  Jean and I met there, a very special place for us.
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